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The history of the Alliance-1892 company is inextricably linked with the development of the brandy industry in Russia. For more than 25 years we have been producing these noble drinks.

We create Russian brandy and whisky for people who want to join the classical understanding of the taste and aroma of legendary drinks.

Russian brandy with the French soul!

O l d K e n i g s b e r g

«OLD KENIGSBERG» 4 YEARS OLD brandy is a delicate blend of brandy distillates, inspired by the French Art Nouveau style and characterized by a rich fruity aroma with notes of ripe apricots and peaches, along with hints of vanilla and liquorice. 

The brandy’s color is golden amber. The taste is mildly fruity with vanilla and woody tones, crowned by a tender, warming aftertaste.

Trophy — brandy with the taste of victory!

T r o p h y

«TROPHY» 4 YEAR OLD brandy is an expression of contemporary style, combining fresh fruit notes with an individual flavor profile.
The fragrant bouquet and manly taste will appeal to all those whose life and work are inextricably linked with the work of serving the Motherland, society and family.
This brandy has a rich golden color with hints of amber. The structure of the drink is dominated by aromatic tones of summer fruits and white flowers, accompanied by nuanced hints of spice and vanilla. The taste of the drink reveals notes of fruit and a light balance of tannins. The aftertaste is rounded and velvety.
Seven yards from Scotland!

S e v e n Y a r d s

«SEVEN YARDS» whisky is a top-grade blend inspired by the best Scottish traditions, successfully combining age-old techniques, exceptional craftsmanship and the highest quality.

A blend of the most expensive and exclusive varieties of Scotch whiskey. Distillates are made according to classical technology by mixing 7 varieties of malt and grain whiskey.

This whisky’s color resembles molten gold. Its noble aroma shows nuances of malt, orange blossom, fresh apples and honey, which develop into a balanced and structured buttery taste with velvety notes of smoke, peat and spices. A lingering, soft, dry aftertaste leaves behind warm notes of smoke, sea salt and roasted coffee beans.

The friendliest whisky!

S c o t c h T e r r i e r

«SCOTCH TERRIER» is a blended WHISKY created by carefully selecting and combining the finest malt and grain distillates. Its production follows the time-honored Scottish techniques, and the whisky undergoes a delicate ageing process in double-profile oak casks.

Born in the heart of Scottish Speyside, it has a unique character, formed simultaneously under the influence of long-standing Scottish traditions and innovative production methods.

The whisky is golden in color, with sparks of amber. The whisky’s delicate, elegant aroma opens up with tones of heather honey and ripe pear, which transform into a light, balanced taste with hints of malt and spice. A warm aftertaste with subtle notes of smoke provides a finishing touch.