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T e s s e n d i e r & F i l s

The Tessendier Distillery is always striving to obtain the best quality possible to answer to the trends and the demands of the consumers. That’s why we are adapting our methods, our creation processes and our production of tailor-made spirits…

This strong commitment is born from the alchemy between our experience, our expertise, our market knowledge and the total mastery of our integrated production infrastructure.


C o g n a c P a r k

A great range of cognacs with a twist. From the traditional VS to the 10-year, Mizunara-matured “Borderies” option or even the organic edition: just let Cognac Park and Distillerie Tessendier surprise with its core collection of spirits.
The complementary vision of Lilian and Jérôme Tessendier, as well as their scientific approach to tasting, allows the optimization of a synergetic work which benefits the sobriety and the natural elegance that is the style of Cognac PARK. From their vast palette of aged eaux-de-vie, Jérôme and Lilian subtly blend, step by step, sometimes as many as three hundred eaux-de-vie each year to create the PARK Collection.

M r . G a s t o n G i n

The Mr. Gaston range of gins is made from French organic wheat and carefully selected botanicals.The collection offers a variety of unique flavors to satisfy every tastes. A true tribute to the imagination of Jérôme and Lilian Tessendier, combined with expertise going back several generations, its name is even inspired by the great-grandfather of the two brothers!

In 1880, Gaston Tessendier, a Maths teacher, became a weekend winegrower in his estate “le Buisson” in Javrezac, in Charente. In spite of the demanding work in the vineyard, he would no regret this crazy hobby.

With Mr. Gaston Gin, Jérôme Tessendier, inspired by his Charente origins and his expertise in the world of spirits, continues to offer new and original creations to enthusiasts.


S a i s o n R u m

Saison ranges from good, traditional rums (pale, original, reserve and XO) to really exciting interpretations of the spirit. The latter features a sherry cask-finished rum as well as triple cask Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad options that will have you enjoy rum in a whole new way.

A meticulous selection is made of distillates from 3 distinct terroirs in the Caribbean Islands of Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica. The intention of the Master Blender is to showcase the typicity of these terroirs in a perfect balance, thanks to the richness and intensity from the distillation of molasses in pot stills combined with the delicacy and lightness from the sugarcane distillation in columns.


M r . G A S T O N ' I C

This tonic is the little brother of Mr. Gaston GIN – a powerful gin produced by the Distillerie Tessendier in Charente, France. So, its creators, Jérôme and Lilian Tessendier, thought it was only natural to create the ideal tonic range to accompany it in cocktails.
Through tasting and experimentation, they sought to build a balanced aromatic palette that would reveal the flavors of the most delicate spirits.
They have used their expertise in blending spirits to create Mr. GASTON’IC. Through tasting and experimentation, our oenologist has sought to build a balanced aromatic palette that will reveal the flavors of the most delicate spirits.

C o g n a c G r a n d B r e u i l

Grand Breuil is a range of traditional cognacs made in the purest tradition. Its unique style has been passed down for generations and, today, the Tessendier brothers are the guardians of this history and know-how. VS, VSOP, ELITE and XO ELEGANCE all feature this distinctive signature, offering a taste of century-old spirit-making expertise.

There is a Grand Breuil cognac for each tasting occasion, whether taken neat, on ice or in a cocktail. Cognac lovers will be charmed by any one of these remarkable bottles: VS, VSOP, Elite, XO.